Integratng the app with your website

The My Home's Story program utilizes dynamic pages to allow all of your buyers' Home Story pages to appear on your own website (they won't be in the menus or taking up space on your backend though). So when a prospective buyer clicks on their friend's shared Home Story, they will be taken to that buyer's page shown on your website. Setting this up is actually really simple.

To get your company set up with My Home's Story, we'll just need to get the app communicating with your website. To do this, simply create a single page on your website. Next, paste the following html div and script into the content area of the page.

<div id="MHSPostsContainer"> </div> 
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

Let us know when you've created the page and pasted the script. We will double check and make sure everything is running smoothly, then your buyer pages will be able to be seen on your website.